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Former Artistic Director Of Utah Shakespeare Festival Leaving For New Position

Arizona Theater Company has named David Ivers as its new artistic director. Ivers worked as the artistic director with Utah Shakespeare Festival for seven years and is preparing now for his new position.

“In July, I’ll kind of start with probably a 15 day to 30 day kind of listening tour amongst the full-time and part-time staff there to kind of learn one-on-one about people’s perspective on the institution in terms of it’s successes, it’s challenges, what’s potent for them about their work, what’s particularly troubling, what they might have interest in beyond what they currently do and just learning about the community as well because ultimately that’s who we serve," Ivers said.

During his 20 years with the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Ivers acted in and directed more than 50 productions. He helped lead a $40 million facilities expansion including two new theaters, a rehearsal hall, costume shop and administrative offices.

Ivers said he is looking forward to “being immersed in a larger community that has a kind of cultural tradition that’s rich and diverse. I’m really excited about the potential of the position, that the position of the theater’s in to serve Arizona.”

Ivers said he is also thrilled for his family, on moving to Arizona, for better educational opportunities for his children. He said his time at the Utah Shakespeare Festival prepared him well for his new position.

“Utah Shakes has given me great preparation and also continue to spark, most importantly, my curiosity and my wonder and that’s what I will always take with me from Utah Shakes," Ivers said. "In conjunction with having an open heart and big open ears when I get there will I hope serve the institution well. It’s not about serving me.”