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Celebrating Pioneers Day In An Artistic Way

Little Bloomsbury Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Logan, Utah which focuses on providing hope for people in trying times through music, literature, magic and storytelling. 

Brenda Sun, executive founding director of the foundation, invites artists to her home multiple times a year as a place to showcase their work. This year, she asked several artists to come together to be featured during her Little Bloomsbury Pioneer Arts Festival.

Leah Checketts is a spokesperson for the foundation.

“A big part of our celebrations here are stories. And so, we all have our own stories. We all have a lot of stories, if we’re willing to tell them,” she said.

Naomi Martin, a young girl who is a subject in a few of Douglas Hyldahl’s paintings, modeled for his painting of a young pioneer girl.

“Well, first when I was asked if it would be okay if I could be painted I thought, ‘I’ll be famous," she said, "and it’ll be wonderful.’ Very exciting.”

Steve Wagner is another artist being featured in the art show. Each of his paintings features an individual member from a Cache Valley pioneer family representing a different pioneer value.

He gave a presentation and talked about an art teacher he had who gave him some advice.

“Every painting needs to have a story," Wagner said, "and every story is part of the context in which things to their relative place, where they belong.”

The festival will showcase several artist’s work and runs Friday and Saturday at 181 N. 200 E in Logan.