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Logan Named A Top Foodie Destination

Logan was recently named a top foodie destination by rewardexpert.com

In September, Logan was listed among the top destinations to visit when it comes to finding not only unique, but quality food options by rewardexpert.com.

This online service provides users information to help them get the most out of financial or travel decisions, and this time, they’re focusing on where to eat.

Logan was ranked third in the mountain west region, competing against cities and towns in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.  

The report focused on towns and cities with fewer than 100,000 people.

Kaja Olcott, the communications director for Rewards Expert, says the ranking will help people find food experiences in lesser-known parts of the country.

“We wanted to look into destinations that are outside of the big culinary meccas that one would typically think of, you know, your New Yorks, your San Franciscos, Chicagos and what not, to see where people can find really great culinary experiences in the heartland of America," Olcott said.

Rewards Expert used nine metric keys to determine the ranking of these cities and towns. Some of these metric keys included the number of total restaurants in these cities or towns and the user reviews and ratings for these restaurants based on sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp.

The number of award-winning restaurants and chefs in these locations and the other types of foodie options offered, including food festivals were also considered.

Michelle De La Cerda is a local food blogger and co-admin for the Logan Foodies Facebook page.

“I think that anyone coming to Logan can find something to enjoy. We have enough different foodie offerings. Not just places to eat and get physical nourishment, but to enjoy and savor that food experience. Logan definitely is a place that should be put on a list like that," De La Cerda said.

Although the four Logan restaurants the report lists aren’t necessarily what she thinks sets Logan apart food wise, the city has a wide variety of options, including many ethnic foods. She attributes this diversity to the presence of Utah State University, which draws students and faculty from around the world.