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Climate Change Solutions Seminar To Be Held In Park City This Weekend

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby, along with the Interfaith Council in Park City, are hosting two climate change educational presentations this month. The first was held last weekend and addressed the science behind climate change and moral reasons why people should care about it. The second is a solutions seminar and will be held this coming Sunday, October 15.

“Previous events where we have educated people on climate change, what’s come out in the question and answer period is, ‘O.K. you’ve got us, we understand, we’re motivated, but now what can we do?’ And the question and answer period hasn’t really been long enough to get into that in enough detail,” said Judd Warner, a volunteer for the Citizen's Climate Lobby.

The solutions seminar will focus on changes individuals can make to their lifestyle and how people can support policy and legislation to address climate change challenges.

Chip Oscarson is a professor at Brigham Young University who spoke at last Sunday’s presentation.  

“Ultimately, because these are systemic problems, me changing my light bulbs, me changing the car I drive, or you know my diet, all contribute and these all help, but ultimately, we have to see some larger kinds of changes on governmental type levels,” Oscarson said. “That’s when real progress is ultimately made.”

The solutions seminar this weekend will feature presentations and displays by Citizens' Climate Lobby, Utah Clean Energy, Summit County Sustainability Department and Summit Community Power Works.