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Judge Summons No-Show Jurors To Court After Mistrial Called
Utah Courtroom

A Utah judge is ordering 36 people to explain why they didn't show up for jury duty after their absences forced a mistrial last week in the case of three men accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl.

Court officials say the absent jurors will be served summons to appear in court, and they could face fines or other penalties.

Officials say the large number of absentees doesn't appear to be from clerical problems.

Larson RonDeau, Jerry Flatlip and Randall Flatlip have all pleaded not guilty to child rape and sodomy charges. Their trial was expected to start last week.

Prosecutors say the men assaulted the girl in March while her mother was in the garage smoking methamphetamine. The men had been staying in the house in rural Uintah County.