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Wyoming Fugitive In Custody After Southern Utah High School Break-In

Talon Sessions
Lincoln County (WY) Sheriff's Office

A fugitive out of Wyoming is in custody in Iron County, Utah after a puzzling crime spree that started at a Cedar City high school. Surveillance video shows a white male breaking into the unoccupied school late Wednesday night, firing a handgun and vandalizing the school. 

The suspect, 28-year-old Talon Sessions was eventually taken in custody, but not before he allegedly broke into two homes, threatened homeowners at gun-point and stole a homeowner’s car.  There is evidence he also attempted to enter several other homes and cars.  Investigators are still scratching their heads over a motive.

"Yeah, really," said Cedar City Police Sargent Jerry Womack. "There's no explanation for what he did especially at Cedar High or any of the other things that happened - the car jacking or the burglaries or robberies.”

Investigators continue to gather evidence and explore a motive in the case. Sessions is expected to face charges in Utah first, before being returned to Wyoming where he is wanted in connection with a pharmacy burglary.