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Mia Love To Debate Rival Ben McAdams In Tight House Race


U.S. Rep Mia Love will face off in a debate Monday against Democrat Ben McAdams, a well-known mayor who has put up a strong challenge in a district where many voters are wary of President Donald Trump and national Democrats are hoping for a win in their push to regain control of the House.

The two will share a stage after weeks of trading barbs in TV ads and interviews in a race that has grown more acrimonious as it tightens.

McAdams has said the congresswoman has been largely on board with the president and hasn't accomplished enough on matters like Medicaid expansion. Love counters she has stood up to Trump on key issues like immigration and says McAdams is out of touch with the district.

McAdams, who was elected mayor of Salt Lake County in 2012, has said he's a moderate who can work with Republicans and would not support Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House. He's known for going undercover as a homeless person when the issue reached crisis mode downtown and pushing back against tax breaks for a now-scuttled Facebook data center.

Love, meanwhile, became the first black Republican woman in Congress in 2014. A former mayor of the town of Saratoga Springs and daughter of Haitian immigrants, she called out Trump when he used an expletive to describe Haiti and other countries and has differed with his policies on trade.

They're competing for the Republican-leaning 4th District, which covers a chunk of the suburbs of blue-leaning Salt Lake City before stretching south along the Wasatch Front to more rural and conservative central Utah.