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Body Of Utah Skier Buried By Avalanche Found Over Weekend


Authorities have recovered the body of a skier who had been buried by an avalanche in central Utah.

  The Emery County Sheriff's Office identified the skier as 26-year-old Michael Besendorfer of Nephi, Utah.

Besendorfer's body was found around noon Saturday after a search dog named Lucy zeroed in on an area north of Electric Lake.

A fellow skier reported Besendorfer missing Friday after he didn't complete a run. He hiked back up the mountain and discovered an avalanche.

Searchers couldn't do much Friday because of dangerous conditions. They went out again Saturday on snowmobiles, timber sleds, skis and snowshoes while a state police helicopter flew overhead.

The sheriff's office says Utah State Department of Transportation workers had used explosives on unstable slopes to help with the search.