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Utah's Agricultural Industry Is Optimistic About This Year's Water Levels

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The recent wet season, with its high mountain snowfall and heavy rains, has been especially beneficial for Utah farmers, said Doctor Matt Yost, a water and agriculture specialist at Utah State University. 

"Things are looking really good this year actually," he said. "Our water levels are looking quite high, quite a bit above normal, actually, in most places in the state. That's a great thing for agricultural produces - many of them are excited about the situation, especially coming off of last year, where we had drought conditions in most of the state."

However, to ensure Utah's water security if drought conditions return, the state government continues to ask people to conserve water. Yost advised those in the agricultural industry to use moments of water abundance to build up storage and invest in better conservation technologies.

"Some of these newer technologies are more efficient at applying the water," Yost said. "And so in years like these, it's a good time to start looking at some of these technologies to see if they're affordable, if it's a good fit for your farm, especially in years when your profits are not tight because water is abundant." 

Yost said it’s important for us to remember the drought moving forwards and advises Utahns to watch their existing water use.