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Wet Spring Means A Bad Summer For Mosquitoes In Utah County


An extremely wet spring in Utah County is expected to bring a monster summer for mosquitoes.

The Daily Herald reports the county health department's Mosquito Abatement District began spraying for mosquitoes the second week of June.

That was after surveillance trapping earlier this month showed mosquito numbers had exceeded the department's threshold to begin spraying.

Spraying begins if the department finds 100 mosquitoes in a single trap, or if it finds 1,000 of the breed of mosquitoes that carries the West Nile virus. It will also begin spraying if it finds 1,500 nuisance mosquitoes.

Officials say the total number of mosquitoes found in their traps jumped from 800 to 3,500 as the weather warmed.

Spray trucks have been going out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.