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Giraffe Euthanized At Utah Zoo After Battling Health Issues


A 15-year-old giraffe has been euthanized at a Utah zoo after struggling with intestinal issues.

Utah's Hogle Zoo announced Monday that Kipenzi the giraffe was euthanized on July 12 after zookeepers noticed her appetite severely decreased and she wasn't going to the bathroom.

Zoo veterinarians said the giraffe did not respond to exhaustive treatment and showed no signs of recovering.

Kipenzi came to Utah in 2005 from Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Staff recalls her as a spunky, outgoing giraffe that loved people and looked after new giraffes to the zoo including 10-month-old Georgetta and 2-year-old Minka.

Along with the young giraffes the zoo also has adult female named Pogo and a male named Riley.