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Kerry Gibson Leaves UDAF To Run For Congress
Kerry Gibson has served Utah as a three time elected legislator, Weber County Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of Utah Department of Natural Resources, and Comissioner of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

After years of experience in local and state government, former Utah Department of Agriculture and Food  Commissioner Kerry Gibson is ready to take his knowledge and experience to Washington. Gibson announced his campaign for Utah's First Congressional District earlier this week while stepping down from his position as comissioner. 

“Our agricultural policy from a state and the federal levels need to be well coordinated, we need to be represented well," said Gibson. "You know, a lot of times federal farm policy is created without good input from the officials at the state level. And so having a knowledge of how agriculture really works in Utah, gives me the opportunity to take those values to Washington and make sure that they understand  what things are like here and Utah.”

As Commissioner of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and a farmer, Gibson has lobbied to congress many times about policies that effect agriculture.

“We should be talking more about having good food policy for our nation," said Gibson. We hear a lot of different things that that Congress talks about, but very seldom do we hear People talk about the importance of good local food production.”

Gibson’s family has been farming for 150 years. Growing up on a farm taught him to have an eye for the future,  a good work ethic, and integrity. He says there’s no question to whether the values he’s learned on the farm have helped him get to where he is today.

“We need those types of people in Congress, people who, who have made their living from the land and, and have all the values that come along with that faith and, and hard work and dedication,” said Gibson. 

Gibson has been serving Utah government on a local and state level since 2004.