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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

State Department of Health COVID-19 Updates, Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday's press conference was cancelled due to the earthquake earlier in the day, so the daily Utah Health Department updates on the spread of coronavirus in Utah were provided online. 

The number of cases in Utah has grown to 63. Utah residents account for 53 of these cases, the number of out-of-state visitors with confirmed cases remains at 10. Utah County officials announced their first case on Wednesday and it appears to be community spread. 

The press release from the department states that "public and commercial laboratories in Utah have tesed 1,222 people for COVID-19. Some large, commercial labratories are not yet reporting negative results to the UDOH. As a result, we beleive current data on number of people tested is significantly lower than the actual number of people tested. All labs are reportng postive results."

After the earthquake, the state's labratory was closed and was not open at the time of the press release, 1 p.m. No samples were being tested at the time of the quake and no equipment or samples were damaged. Once the lab has been determined safe and potential damage addressed, testing will resume. 

Commercial labs in the state are open and conducting testing.