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Work Offers Free Hourly Job Listings To Employers To Match Opportunities And Workers During CO

The Bacon ( www.bacon.work ) app is offering free job listings for companies until May (and potentially longer) to help businesses and workers manage the unforeseen upheavals in employment during the challenge of managing COVID-19. The app lets employers with shifting temporary staff requirements to select, screen and hire qualified workers in moments.

Likewise, the free app allows workers to find and select hourly shifts for temporary employment with ease.

“The coronavirus outbreak is causing high anxiety for employees and employers alike as they face layoffs, cutbacks and quickly shifting requirements,” said Hunter Sebresos, Bacon CEO. “We want to do our part in easing the stress on all sides by offering our services for free for the next 60 days to make it easier to match positions and workers during the current time of exceptional needs.”

Bacon is waiving all fees for employers for at least the next 60 days to help get more people working during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is established in Utah and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, but is able to get any company online and ready to fulfill positions in any area in as little as 10 days. To that end, Bacon is offering free placement service to employers throughout the U.S. to expand the services as quickly as possible. The service is always free for employees.

“This is an opportunity for companies to fill positions without risk or costs,” said Sebresos. “Our experience has shown that as jobs are posted we are invariably able to fill all available shifts with qualified workers with relative ease.”

Bacon is providing guidelines to participating employers and contractors to help make sure everyone is safe during the outbreak. Bacon can screen contractors and help companies implement safety measures at the workplace. The safety notice can be found here www.bacon.work/covid-19.

Many companies are forced to cut jobs and pay as travel and events grind to a halt in order to limit social contact and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have heard from people who worry about providing for their families because their hours have been cut or they have been let go completely,” said Sebresos. “Employers are also telling us they need workers who can come in because an employee is either sick or needs to stay home. We can fill the gaps on both ends.”

Nearly 100 companies are using Bacon for warehouse and office duties, construction, deliveries, catering, events, printing, laundry production, restaurants, retail and other jobs. The company is operating in Utah and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Bacon is also fulfilling requests in California and Arizona.

About Bacon

Bacon is like the Uber of hourly jobs by making it easy to work a "side gig" anytime, anywhere. Bacon connects employers to pre-qualified, available candidates who will work on-demand for as little as one shift. The Provo, Utah, company started in 2018 and has attracted companies and employees in Utah and Texas using the Bacon Work On-Demand app. For more information visit bacon.work.