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Cache Valley Food Delivery Cooperative Still Seeing Success



Although some restaurants may be opening Friday with added precautions, food delivery workers do not plan on slowing down.


“Our immediate reaction was to come to together to market together," said Justin Hamilton.

Hamilton is the owner of Cafe Sabor and Off-Premise Catering. When dining restrictions were put in place in March as part of the effort to slow the pandemic, his catering service began helping local restaurants provide free delivery throughout Cache Valley.

“We’ve had just over 46,000 people visit our website since March 18th which is pretty awesome," he said.

Hamilton is pleased with the success and that the community has been willing to support these local businesses during the pandemic. And even after restaurants start opening up for in person dining, he said there will still be a need for delivery services, especially for high risk populations 

“There’s still a huge need to be able to have this delivery as an option for people," Hamilton said. "We’ll just see how things go and evaluate on a month by month basis.”

According to Hamilton, it is important to remember to tip drivers when ordering food online, since that is the main way those employees are making their profit. 

Hamilton said the food delivery service has been successful in allowing businesses to continue making money, and in keeping workers employed.