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Utah Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Economic Recovery During Final Debate

Tuesday night, Utah’s Republican Gubernatorial candidates, John Huntsman, Spencer Cox,  Greg Hughes, and Thomas Wright got into a feisty discussion about the state’s financial stability.

Utah is experiencing one of the worst economic hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses took huge financial losses. More than 125, 000 Utahns lost their jobs or furloughed. And the state will face huge budget cuts. The candidates say going forward, the state is looking for a strong leader who can help rebuild Utah.

Greg Hughes, former House Speaker said: “Every single day this state is in a code yellow, every single day, this economy and people are not allowed to go back to their jobs, get back to work,  back to school, having our kids back. This hole that we're in, we just keep digging and it gets bigger and bigger.”

Thomas Wright, former GOP chairman for Utah said: "This is a great opportunity for the state of Utah to reel in spending that got a little bit out of control in the economic run up when times were flush, and things were easy. I've had to do it in my business. And it's been a tremendous opportunity to make things better.” 

Former Governor John Huntsman Jr said: “We have to make Utah the ultimate safe haven destination for capital. When capital comes it will nurture ideas that will spur entrepreneurship and innovation.”


And Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox said: "We are going to tighten our belts. I'm going to put together a plan that will help us to balance our budget without adding one dime of taxpayer dollars, because that's what the people of San Pete County expected. I will do the same thing as your governor. I've done it before. And we'll do it again."


Three of the Republican candidates shared the stage on Tuesday, but without an audience. 

Huntsman appeared remotely because he is recovering from the coronavirus.