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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

Utahns Strongly Encouraged To Mask, Statewide Mandate Unlikely To Come

With COVID-19 cases in Utah growing by nearly 10% each day, Gov. Herbert announced Wednesday that mask-wearing will be mandatory at all state facilities, including higher education facilities and liquor stores. He said although he believes masks help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, he has is not planning on issuing a statewide mandate 

“We are not a one size fits all state. I don't think that's good policy. I think better policy is to recognize the differences we have in the regional locations, the different environments, we have population numbers, the cultures that we have in different parts of the state, and let them make the determination here that they want to have government-mandated or not,” Herbert said.

Herbert said for counties or cities wanting to make masks mandatory, the mayor and council  will need to work with local health departments and the state health department. Salt Lake County is currently waiting for Governor Herbert to approve their request for a mask mandate.


In Wednesday's press conference, Gov. Herbert also shared a letter written by faith leaders throughout the state. 


“One cannot claim to love one's neighbor while deliberately putting them at risk. We pray for the end of this devastating pandemic. However, the reality is that our actions must accompany those prayers. Please join with us and continue to take action to prevent the further spread of the pandemic by wearing a mask in public, maintain physical distance," the letter read.

Dr. Dunn does not believe the current outbreak of the virus is due to the protests. She believes the higher numbers are due to community spread, seen statewide.