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SUU And Best Friends Animal Society Introduce An Animal Services Course

Southern University and Best Friends Animal Society

After a partnership was announced last year between Best Friends Animal Society and Southern Utah University for an executive leadership certification program, hundreds of people emailed wanting to be apart of the program that were not at an executive level. This interest has caused Best Friends to come out with the Principles of Contemporary Animal Services Certificate for those planning to enter or who are already in animal services.

Amie Charlton,  Senior Manager of Education Programs for Best Friends, said the first Principles of Contemporary Animal Services course will begin July 27. During this course, students will learn about the history of animal welfare, the role of animal shelter, contemporary animal services, and complete a practicum.

“One of our goals is to work with municipalities because often for anyone to move up into municipal polity setting, they do have to have credentials to do so," said Charlton. "And we'd like to reduce the barriers for people. And so that's why we're we had an executive level program. We knew we needed to create something for those who are looking to move up through the system. there's not as many clear pathways and animal services today. And so this is our way to begin that process of creating some pathways”

Susie Knudsen, Assistant Director Community & Professional Development at Southern Utah University, said this program is a great way to help professionals and adults boost their resume, especially during this time of economic recovery. 

“This this three-credit professional development course after successful completion will result in an SUU institutional certificate, and it serves as a potential entry point to advanced education opportunities," explained Knudsen. "So they by earning these credits, they can then roll them into either undergraduate or master's degree level programs at Southern Utah University.”

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