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Daily Fishing Limits Increased, Lifted Three Utah Water Bodies

Thanks to emergency changes to daily fishing limits at two Utah reservoirs and one Utah lake, anglers will be able to catch and keep a significantly higher number of fish in the coming months. 


At Oowah lake in San Juan County, the limit has increased from four to 16 trout. At Bullock Reserviour In Uintah County and Nine Mile Reservoir in San Pete County, there are currently no daily limits. These increases will be in effect until the end of the year at Nine Mile Reservoir and Oowah Lake and until Nov. 1 at Bullock Reservoir. 


The changes are a result of maintenance work scheduled for later this fall that will require water to be drained from the lake and the dams. The lower water levels combined with the cooler temperatures will result in a loss of the fish left in the dam.