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COVID-19 Cases Soaring In Utah, Outbreak Spreading In Utah County

At 911 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Utah saw it’s largest single-day increase in coronavirus numbers today. A new outbreak of the virus in Utah county among 15-24-year-olds was also reported to now be spreading among all age categories. 

Moving forward Herbert warns Utahns not to be complacent. He says his goals for the state include keeping the fatality rate below 1%, the unemployment rate below 4.5% and the positivity rate below 10%. Right now the fatality rate is .8%, the unemployment rate is 4.5% and the positivity rate is 9.1%

Due to the increase, Herbert says the process for counties to change their color-coded restriction status will be halted. Discussions with the COVID-19 emergency response team will happen to determine if additional measures will be taken.