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Crisis Has Been A Boon For Local Greenhouses, Nurseries



Greenhouses and nurseries​ in Cache Valley have experienced an increase in customers during the COVID-19 pandemic — and perhaps even because of it.

Freckle Farm, located in Hyde Park, Utah, is one of many nurseries in Cache Valley that has experienced the boon.


“We were blessed to see so many new faces this gardening season,” said Lisa Gramse, the Freckle Farm store manager. “We were thrilled that so many took gardening on as a pastime, a way to feed their families, and to alleviate boredom of being stuck at home.”


Logan resident Graycie Schiess visited Freckle Farm to gather necessities to start a garden because of COVID-19.


“I love that they’re so knowledgeable and willing to help,” Schiess​ said​.​ “The owner is always there interacting with customers.”


But Gramse said Freckle Farm is not alone. She estimated that other related businesses have experienced a 50 to 100% increase in sales this year.


Garden Gateway, another greenhouse nursery located in Cache Valley, also experienced a swell in first-time gardeners this season.


“We see this every time the economy shifts,” owner Moose Mountcastle said. “People always want to return to gardening.”


Mountcastle was nonetheless worried, in early March and April, that his business might not make it through the ​economic ​collapse.To encourage business, he redesigned his website and created an online store. He said ​these changes helped ​save ​his business.​

Gramse and Mountcastle said they are feeling lucky.


“We know that not all businesses have been this fortunate,” Gramse said, “so we are extremely grateful to our customers for their loyal support.”