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Drive-through Haunted House One Of Howl Alternatives At USU

Each of the scenes of Aggie Hollow were designed by different students in the Techniques in Experiential Design class at USU

The Howl is the largest event Utah State University puts on each year with people traveling from all over Utah and neighboring states to attend. This year COVID- 19 has changed how USU is hosting this event. 

Instead of one big dance party, the Utah State University Student Association is hosting a series of smaller, distanced events like drive in movies, a scavenger hunt, and even a drive-through haunted house.

The haunted house event, Aggie Hollow, was put on by the school’s student association, however, unlike any other Howl event this month, a university class planned and pitched the event. Ashley Brown is one of the students that helped.

“We pretty much started from scratch, because this has never been done before," said Brown. "So we have 10 classmates, and  we got paired up with another classmate to be in charge of a scene and in charge of a logistical section.”

The class that planned the event is Techniques in Experiential Design. Angela Moody, another student in this class, was shocked at the overall outcome of the event.

“I honestly did not think this many people would come or that we would sell out. And I didn't expect it to be as scary as I was as we went through. So I am happily impressed,” said Moody.

Most of the work planning this event was done by the class and according to Alexis Needleman, USUSA Activities Director, USUSA helped fund and market the event.

“We didn't want to cancel the Howl because we know that it's one of the student bodies favorite event. And so we wanted to make sure that we're still giving back to our students and still providing them some sort of opportunity to have something to go to in place of our typical howl and dance and that sort of thing,” said Needleman.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Howl events are restricted to USU students only.