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Pro-Trump Protesters Gather In SLC, Romney Calls D.C. Events 'Insurrection'

Utah State Capitol

As protesters stormed the capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, pro-Trump crowds also gathered at the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City. 


According to reports from the Salt Lake Tribune, the protesters congregated on the grounds with Trump flags, shouting “stop the steal.” So far, the protests in Salt Lake seem to be non-violent, unlike the events occurring in D.C., however reports state that some capitol staff were asked to leave by 2 p.m., while other staff said they were still working.


These protests in D.C. and Salt Lake are in response to Congress counting presidential electoral votes today. Prior to the counting, many Republican members of Congress and the Senate announced they planned to challenge the results of the election.


Senator Mitt Romney made a statement on Sunday expressing his objection to this decision. On his way back to Washington Tuesday night, Romney was heckled by Trump supporters who chanted “Traitor, traitor, traitor,” as the plane waited to take off. 


After protesters breached the capitol this afternoon, New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin tweeted that Romney was referring to the events as “insurrection.”