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Governor Announces Plan To Utilize All COVID-19 Vaccinations In Utah

Utah Public Radio


More vaccination updates came from Gov. Spencer Cox during a press conference on Thursday.

“We are assembling a small army of trained volunteers to help them," Cox said. "We told them wherever their constraints, any problems you have, let us know. If you need more money, we will write the check.If you need more personnel, we will find personnel for you. If you need technical support, we will get you that technical support.”


Cox said Utah vaccine efforts are going well, thanks to the state’s 13 local health departments. 


He said the state has received the second doses for those who have been vaccinated, and is asking everyone who has appointments for the second dose to keep them. 


“We encourage people to show up for those second doses because we don’t have good data on what happens if people don’t get their second dose," he said.


Cox said the state wants all vaccination doses to be utilized, and made a decision to administer unused second doses to other Utahns. 


“We made a decision yesterday in consultation with our health experts in the state in the health department that we will release those second doses for people who have not shown up to get them within 7 days," he said.


Cox said this decision will allow all doses to be utilized instead of sitting on shelves. 


Lt. Gov. Henderson has been visiting each health department with Rich Saunders, the Executive Director of the Department of Health, to meet with employees and listen to any concerns.


This week they will wrap up their last three visits.