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Anti-Maskers Shut Down Legislative Commitee Meeting

A legislative committee shut down briefly on Monday, due to a small group of anti-mask demonstrators at the Utah State Capitol. 

According to Fox-13 News, the Social Services Appropriations committee was interrupted by three people without masks on Monday morning. Rep. Paul Ray, who was one of the lawmakers in attendance, described the people as anti-mask demonstrators with fliers to Fox-13.

After the people entered the room, the committee's Senate co-chair, Jake Anderegg, halted the meeting and the room was cleared. Anderegg said whether or not he agrees with the policies, the health orders designed to keep those at the capitol safe must be followed. The meeting was resumed with all lawmakers participating virtually. 


Monday was the first day of this year’s legislative session that the public was allowed into the Utah Capitol Complex. The House gallery above the floor of the chambers was also closed to the public today.