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How To Participate Virtually In This Year's Legislative Session

Connecting with this year's legislative session is as easy as logging onto your computer at home.

While the Utah State Capitol Complex re-opened to the public on Monday, there are still many virtual options for participating in the legislative session from the comfort of your home.
In the past, attending one of the many committee or caucus meetings that are part of the state legislative session may have required taking the day off work or traveling across the state. 

Harry Hansen, Communications Specialist for the House majority says having online options means Utahns from across the state have easier access to not only attend meetings, but to make public comment from wherever is most convenient for them.

“If you're living, for example, down in St. George or over in Vernal, you just have to pop open your laptop in your living room and attend a committee meeting virtually so more people are going to have an opportunity to participate,” Hansen said. 

To attend a meeting, you can visit thelegislative websiteand click on the calendar section where the committee meetings are listed. Once you are directed to the committee page, you then decide how to attend. 

If you choose to virtually attend the meeting, you will enter a Zoom meeting with your camera and microphone off. You can then turn your microphone on if you are called upon to speak. 

If you just want to listen to the session, the other link on the committee page will have that option. Some meetings will also have video streaming available. 

“I think that is going to be something we're going to adopt permanently," said Hansen. "This past year we setup the technology for it and have the resources put into place so that we have that option. And I don't see that going away just because of how convenient it's going to be for a lot of people.”

Hansen said that you can still reach out to your representative with any questions or concerns you may have this session.