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Utah House Passes Legislation To Allow Permitless Concealed Carry

The Utah House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to allow people over age 21 who legally possess a firearm to conceal carry their weapon in public without a permit. 

Utah already allows firearm owners to open carry their weapon without a permit and the sponsor of the H.B. 60,Rep. Walt Brooks, said this is a “good issue backed by good policy” to allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. While people would not be required to take a safety class before concealed carrying their weapon if the bill was passed, this class would still be available for people who are interested. 

Although the majority of GOP lawmakers in the house supported the bill, two Republican representatives voted with House Democrats on this issue—Rep. Merrill Nelson and Rep. Jim Dunnigan. During the floor debate, Nelson said he wasn’t sure what problem this bill solved, but rather that it could create more issues.


The bill will proceed to the Senate for a vote next. If it passes, it will return to the House for a final vote.