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Gov. Cox Signs Bill Legally Requiring Utah Fathers To Pay 50% Of Pregnancy Costs


H.B. 113, signed by Utah Governor Spencer Cox this week, legally requires Utah biological fathers to help pay costs associated with pregnancy and delivery if the mother requests it. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Brady Brammer and Sen. Dan McCay, states fathers need to pay 50% of a mother’s insurance premiums and other pregnancy-related medical costs — including the hospital birth of the child — that aren’t paid by another person.


The bill previously didn’t specify whether fathers had to help with costs covered by insurance. But, during the legislative session that ended earlier this month, lawmakers added an amendment which clarified that the father would only pay the costs that the mother collects, not any additional costs covered by insurance. 


According to the bill, if a father’s paternity is disputed, they will owe nothing until it is established.