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Utah PAC Seeks To Fill Open Seats With Republican Women


Candice Pierucci, the founding board chair for the Republican Women Lead Political Action Committee said it is important to have republican female voices represented in the state legislature. 

“With us being a supermajority, red, Republican state, and then us as Republican women only making up 9% of our legislature, I think we are missing some really viable voices from our community of those conservative women who could be serving the legislature and other capacities," Pierucci said.


The PAC will recruit, train, mentor and provide the funds needed for female Republican candidates. These funds are contributions from individuals, elected officials, companies and lobbying groups who support women in legislature and in government levels.


Kera Birkeland, House Representative in Utah for District 53, said that Republican women should act on this opportunity. 


“I think there is a lot of women out there who want to be involved, they just don’t know if they have the support and they don’t know the first steps," Birkeland said. "And so we will be able to get a lot more women who are hoping to lend their voice and lend their service, the opportunity to do so.”


Birkeland said this is about more than money.


“I really think as more women not only have the resources now, because we provide them the financial resources to get involved, but also the confidence knowing there is a large group of men and women on this PAC who will support them and guide them," she said.


The PAC is specifically targeting open seats and blue seats that they think are winnable, intending to flip more to red.