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Firework Vendors Say Sales Haven’t Dipped Despite Drought


Firework stands all over Utah are opening up to their first customers as the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day holidays approach. Matt Shadle, a fireworks professional and the owner of Mad Matt’s, told FOX 13 that this year’s sales are on par with last year’s. Shadle says “things are about on track,” despite warnings from state officials to stay away from fireworks this year because of Utah’s extreme drought conditions.Shadle says the one big change this year is the amount of questions he and his staff are getting from customers. He says people are mostly asking safety questions. Shadle equates the increase in questions to a lot of new restrictions and older rules being re-emphasized throughout the last few weeks.


Safety measures to reduce the risk of fires include stabilizing fireworks with bricks, keeping water handy, having adult supervision, hosing down fireworks after use and leaving them to sit overnight so they don’t cause garbage fires.