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New Laws Allow NCAA Athletes To Compensate From Their Name, Image And Likeness

Following an NCAA rule change allowing college athletes to be compensated for the use of their name, image and likeness, students have new opportunities to generate income, but universities also face new challenges. 

According to a report from the USU Statesmen, USU Athletic Director John Hartwell said that the change is a good thing but that students still need to prioritize an education. 

Hartwell said that the athletic department hasn’t currently addressed all the issues regarding NIL, or name, image and likeness, rules, but that they are committed to do what is best for their student-athletes.


A letter from the athletic department was sent out to current student-athletes announcing a new program called “A-game” that will help teach students about personal brand development, financial literacy, establishing a business or brand, time management, NCAA rules and USU policies. 


Student-athletes will be prohibited from representing the university while advertising along with endorsing products such as alcohol tobacco and gambling. USU will also not provide any sponsorship to student-athletes.


Hartwell said that these rules are similar to other regulations set by universities nationwide.