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WWII Bomber Lands In Logan To Offer Tours And Inspiration


A World War II Boeing B-17 bomber plane landed in Logan Tuesday to offer tour rides for the upcoming week. But it’s main purpose is to inspire future pilots to take to the skies.According to the Utah State University flight school, there is an estimated 80,000 nationwide pilot shortage. USU Director of Airport Operations Aaron Dyches says the shortage isn’t yet considered to be “dire,” but it’s getting to that point.


B-17 co-pilot George Madok says flying a bomber plane is “the best job in the world” and there is usually no shortage of pilots wanting to try it.


Pilot in command Brian Churchill says it’s difficult to recruit for pilot jobs because it requires people to spend a lot of time away from home and most start their careers as military pilots. He says he hopes the bomber plane will inspire young pilots to pursue what he calls a “great career.”