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Nominee To Lead BLM Opposed By Republicans

The nominee to direct the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, is being rebuked by multiple Repulicans because of her link to “eco-terrorism.”

Stone-Manning is connected to a group of environmental activists who over 30 years ago placed metal spikes in hundreds of trees throughout Idaho Forests to prevent loggers from safely being able to cut into or mill trees in the area. While Stone-Manning sent a letter to alert the Federal government to the spikes, reports are conflicting on the depth of her involvement. 

Republican Senators, Mike Lee and Mitt Romney, both said that Stone-Manning is unfit to serve as the director of the Bureau of Land Management because of her connection tree spiking incident. They also said she lied about her involvement with the incident to the Senate. 


A number of people have spoken on behalf of Stone-manning including a conspirator in the tree spiking incident and two previous directors of the Bureau of Land Management directors.


The lead investigator in the criminal case wrote that Stone-Manning did not cooperate with investigators until they could promise her immunity. He stated she had helped to plan the incident and described her as “extremely anti-government”.