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TikTok Trend Leads To Damage, Theft At Utah Schools

Someone holding a phone with the TikTok logo on the screen.

A TikTok trend where students are stealing and damaging items in schools such as soap dispensers and exit signs is happening here in Utah.The trend is called Devious Licks, and in the Canyons School District, it’s leading to stealing and vandalism at almost all of its middle and high schools. Other school districts, including Granite, are having similar issues. 


Canyons School District spokesperson Jeff Haney says everything from soap dispensers, mirrors, urinals and toilets are being vandalised or stolen. He says it’s costing the district “thousands and thousands of dollars” in repair costs and in personnel costs of having to clean up messes. 


Haney says the district isn’t taking the issue lightly. He says participating in the trend could result in suspension. And, if that isn’t enough, Haney says the district is ready to take more drastic steps. 


Districts across the state are trying to put a stop to these behaviors before they escalate and become more dangerous and expensive than they already are.

Tyler Hewitt is the web/social media assistant at UPR. He writes stories every day, updates the website and manages the station's Twitter and Facebook pages. Tyler is a senior at Utah State University and is studying public relations, marketing, and psychology. He loves to write, listen to music, play video games, play tennis and hang out with his fiancé and cat, Juno. He is a great plant dad and recently started collecting vinyl records!