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Evan McMullin running in 2022 as an independent against Sen. Mike Lee

In 2016, Evan McMullin was a newcomer to politics who was running for president. He finished with 21% of the vote in Utah and .4% nationwide. In 2021, McMullin is planning a second political campaign — this time running against Senator Mike Lee.The former presidential candidate and CIA agent announced his run on Twitter Tuesday morning, saying he’s running to ensure Utah is more “compassionate, selfless and independent.” McMullin says he believes “politics is broken in America,” and he wants to make a change.


He says he is running as an independent because he thinks that’s what the country needs, including leaders from both sides who will “unify across the aisle.”


McMullin faces an uphill battle in an already crowded race. He’s running against two-term Lee who won his last election with 68% of the vote. Lee will also face at least two others in a primary runoff.