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Steering the way towards recovery

Perkins Family

Rhett Perkins in blowing drying his cow preparing for the Utah State Fair. That may be mundane for you, but it has been a big step for him. In January he slipped on ice hitting his head. After he starting losing his speech his family took him to Primary Children’s. 

“They told me in the hospital that I couldn’t see animals for 6 months,” said Rhett. “I told 'em tough, this is what I do.” 

Rhett’s parents Shane and Leslie Perkins watched their son slowly spend more time with this project.

“When the doctor said that, that just drove Rhett harder to try to heal faster,” said Shane. 

“As time gone on, he would spend 5 minutes out there, then it was twenty,” said Leslie. 

His family noticed that the time he spent with his steer helped him recover. 

“You know having a dog as a therapy dog? Really his steers were like therapy animals,” said Leslie. 

“And that is where I am today,” said Rhett. “It’s partly because of the animals. Getting up every day, going out and seeing everything progressing. 

“They told us it would take us years to get him back to where he needed to be,” said Leslie. “I think with the help of the physician, and Rhett’s hard work and the animals. I think that is why he has done so well.”

“Just to have Rhett in the ring is a big win for our family,” said Shane. “Because we didn’t think that was going this year.” 

“They really are not just animals; they are a part of our family,” said Leslie. “Him being out there with a smile on his face made everything all worth it because we knew that was the way to get him better, because he was doing something he loved.”