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DoorDash driver arrested after refusing to wear face mask when picking up an order

A DoorDash sign on the front door of a restaurant.
A DoorDash sign on the front door of a restaurant.

A DoorDash driver was arrested Wednesday after refusing to wear a mask while picking up an order at an American Fork restaurant.

21 year old Wesley George Castle was reported by restaurant staff after he started yelling and caused a big scene within the restaurant when asked to wear a mask. After being approached by store management and after being asked to leave, Castle refused to leave the premises despite staff calling the police.

With officers arriving on the scene, Castle was shortly arrested after refusing to identify himself several times. According to the police report, it took four officers to place handcuffs on the resistant Castle.

Wesley George Castle is now facing charges of commercial obstruction and is also being charged with failure to disclose his identity and interfering with an arresting officer.

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