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Students from across the world celebrate diversity and unity at USU

International Student Banquet.jpg
Zahra Nasir
USU International Student banquet celebration

These are the voices of diversity at USU as students enjoy an Indian dance performance during the annual International Banquet at the Logan campus.

This event is the biggest celebration of diversity organized by the International Student Committee (ISC). It is a way for students to get together, meet new people and learn about multiculturalism says Sola, a student advocate for ISC.

“That event provides an avenue for people to get to learn about other people's cultures," says Sola.

And as the war continues in Ukraine, Bonny, an international student from Taiwan says this banquet is a perfect way for the Aggie family to show togetherness for their peers in other countries.

“We are not domestic students but we want to support each other as international students and be there for them and support them mentally and physically too,” says Bonny.

Various cultural performances included Pakistani and African dances, and a group of students sang an Arabic song. Salado Ali, a student from Somalia says she enjoyed this part the most.

“My favorite part of the event is where everybody did their cultural dance and also the singing part it was very fascinating so I really loved it,” says Ali.

"What does this event mean to you personally?" says Nasir.

“It’s very meaningful to be seen on campus, being an international student, I’m not lonely, it’s not only me, so many diverse cultures that come from different worlds and study with me together,” says Bonny.

The banquet ended with students taking pictures with each other for future memories.