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Spanish Fork man dies after being crushed by truck

Price Police Department
Police arrive on the scene where a man was working underneath a vehicle when the truck rolled off the ramp on top of him.

A man was killed Wednesday while repairing his truck in a Price parking lot. The vehicle rolled off its ramp and on top of the victim, killing him.

52-year-old Michael Woolsey, a Spanish Fork resident, had pulled his Ford F350 truck into a parking lot and backed it up onto a ramp so he could gain access to its undercarriage for repairs. A police report of the incident indicated that the truck rolled backwards off the ramp and trapped Woolsey underneath.

EMT, firefighters, and several law enforcement agencies arrived on the scene in minutes only to discover that Woolsey had died. The event is still currently under investigation despite the police assuming this to be an unfortunate accident.

The Price City Police Department expressed condolences to Woolsey’s family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time. Officials are reminding people to take the proper safety measures while working underneath vehicles.

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