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Valley saying so long to Saddleback Mountain landmark

Photo courtesy Emily Bassett-Collier
Facing easterward-- the two reflectors, as they stood for 55 years.

The eyes of Cache Valley residents often linger on the surrounding mountains, so nearly everyone has likely noticed the microwave reflectors on Saddleback Mountain just east of Logan, even if they’ve never known the purpose of the billboard-like structures.

Or the lack of purpose, you might say, because the reflectors have apparently not been used for years.

Originally erected in 1967 by Mountain Bell, the towers were used to redirect microwaves from Logan across the Bear River Range to connect long-distance phone calls. The reflectors went out of use some time after the company was sold to Qwest in the 1990s and phone technology took several giant leaps. Read the rest of the story on HJnews.com.

This story is made possible thanks to a community reporting partnership between The Herald Journal and Utah Public Radio.