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Moab deputies respond to target shooting report near USU Moab campus

Jacob Boavista

Deputies have launched an investigation involving a potential target shooting incident near the Utah State University Moab campus.

At 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Grand County dispatch had received a report of an active shooting on Aggie Boulevard and had responding deputies on the scene within three minutes.

Deputies who arrived at the USU campus searched and cleared the area, discovering the source of the shooting in the process. A shooting range had been set up about 200 yards north-west of the campus where both new and used shell casings had been used.

Grand County Sheriff officials say that they believe that the gun shots were coming from the target area and that there were no reported injuries during the incident. Deputies were unable to locate a Ford F-250 that matched the description of a vehicle driving away from the location, so they are asking anybody who has information on the shooting to contact the Moab City Police or the Grand County Sheriff's Office.