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School district aims at fall opening of former Municipool

Eli Lucero
The Herald Journal
Vehicles Logan code enforcement officials described as “junk” and “refuse” have been removed from around the Municipool as seen on Wednesday.

There has been a change of scenery at the old Municipool building on 10th North in Logan, and soon the building could be restored to its original use.

Faced with a lien on the property due to upkeep fines leveled by Logan code enforcers, businessman Lowell Huber sold the building and lot to the Logan City School District this spring. Then, last month, a collection of at least two dozen “refuse vehicles” that prompted the fines disappeared, and school officials say they hope to have the building and indoor swimming pool ready for students in the fall.

“We went through the building and looked at everything, and it looks like we should be able to do that,” said the district’s business administrator, Jeff Barben. “We won’t know for sure until we get water in the pool and see if there’s leakage, but we anticipate that it should work.”

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