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Crumbl files lawsuits against 2 rival companies for being “confusingly similar”

Crumbl Cookies
Crumbl Cookies is suing two rival companies for being "confusingly similar" to their own trademarks and presentations.

Utah’s gourmet cookie company “Crumbl” is suing rival companies Dirty Dough and Crave for logos, websites, and other marketing materials that the company deems “confusingly similar.”

According to lawsuits filed by Crumbl, the company believes that both Crave and Dirty Dough have taken packaging, website, and menu features from them. Examples include a cookie logo with a bite taken out of it, long boxes that can perfectly fit cookies side-by-side, and the way these companies present their cookies.

On top of suing rival companies for similar marketing tactics, Crumbl is also accusing Dirty Dough of copying recipes, believing that the brother of Dirty Dough’s founder is a former Crumbl employee. The filed lawsuits also claim that both businesses have copied the “weekly rotating menu” concept from Crumbl.

Filing a response to the lawsuit on June 8, Crave denied that they are in violation of any intellectual property rights.

Bennett Maxwell, brother of Dirty Dough’s founder Bradley Maxwell, responded to the lawsuit on LinkedIn wondering why a billion dollar company is suing 2 start-up companies. Maxwell’s response was of passive aggressive nature claiming that “apparently if you put sprinkles on your cookies, Crumbl thinks they own that.”