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Utah trees’ leaves dying early due to high temperatures

K. Mitch Hodge

All throughout Utah, residents have noticed trees looking like they’re turning over for the fall season, but that isn’t the case. Instead, the falling leaves are the result of high temperatures, having been dying early due to extreme heat.

Shaun Moser, garden manager at Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan, says that trees throughout Utah are struggling from the heat and their leaves have been literally burning off. Residents have also been stressing as a result of these high temperatures, struggling to maintain their yards and landscapes as the ongoing drought continues.

Moser says that trees losing their leaves as a result of the heat is normal as they’re protecting themselves from the current conditions. The roots of a tree take in nutrients and water for sustainability so then it’s not getting enough, the leaves are the first to suffer.

Moser goes on to say that this season is unlike any other that he can remember as there’s a large amount of trees experiencing this issue. He says that the best thing to do is to leave things alone and see how the trees will look next year, everything should be fine.