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Utah mother starts ‘Sanpete Kindness’ movement after losing son to suicide

Fox 13

As part of a movement started by a woman who lost her son to suicide, inspirational messages like “You Can Do This” and “Tomorrow Matters” have been popping up throughout Utah with the intention of inspiring hope to those who need it and to console those who have experienced grief.

Manti resident Linda Christiansen lost her son, 21-year-old Kade, to suicide a year and half ago. Since then, Christiansen began putting up signs throughout her community and ultimately launched the nonprofit organization ‘Sanpete Kindness.’

Sanpete Kindness is responsible for printing and distributing free signs and banners to anybody who might want them. Gunnison City for example, recently put up one of these banners on its Main Street and Christiansen is hoping that other areas will do the same.

Christiansen says that it’s great if people donate to the organization since they get to print more signs, but donations are entirely optional since the signs are free for anybody to grab and display. Her goal right now is to cover Sanpete County and beyond.

Christiansen also added that the movement has been growing in popularity, making it feel like it’s too much work, but her motivation always stems back to why she began the movement in the first place, wondering if her son would have seen a sign and stopped had he still been here.

Signs can be found on the Sanpete Kindness Facebook and Instagram pages for those who want to display them for themselves.