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Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson to run again for office

An elderly man speaking at an election podium with supporters behind him.
Spencer Heaps
Deseret News
Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who last held office in 2008, announced he will run for mayor again in 2023.

Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson announced earlier this week that he will once again be running for the position against his opponent, incumbent Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

Anderson served two terms as mayor from 2000 to 2008. Many expected that his time in office was over, but during a speech on Wednesday, Anderson revealed his decision to run again.

He believes that Salt Lake City is in a worse place than it was three years ago, saying that the city is facing a host of issues like public safety, pollution, city filth, treatments for the mentally ill, homelessness, and a lack of affordable housing.

Anderson says that if he were to get elected, his administration would be accessible, open, transparent, and he also promised that there would be monthly meetings with the mayor. During his speech, Anderson questioned the leadership of Mayor Erin Mendenhall, saying that she has broken the promise of restoring programs.

Anderson initially announced that he would be running again back in August, but with Wednesday’s announcement, that news became official.

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