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Neffs Canyon skier injured and buried in avalanche

Unified Fire Authority crews respond to avalanche that injured one person in a Neffs Canyon neighborhood
Fox 13 News

A skier was injured Wednesday afternoon after being completely buried in an avalanche while in Neffs Canyon.

Reportedly, the avalanche that struck the Thomas Fork area of the canyon was 200 feet wide and up to 3 feet deep. Officials say that the unidentified man injured was skiing alone when he was caught in the avalanche and for about 45 minutes, was buried up to his chest before an off-duty EMT heard him crying for help.

The man suffered from both an arm injury, a broken femur, and potential hypothermia for being buried for a long period of time. Search and rescue teams were later dispatched but were unable to get to him due to poor weather conditions, making it impossible for a helicopter to safely get to the area.

Sgt. Melody Cutler with the Unified Police Department says that due to recent snowstorms, avalanche danger is high and people need to pay attention to what they’re doing and what’s going on around them, but unfortunately, things that happen in Mother Nature can’t be predicted.

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