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Guild To Distribute Unclaimed Residuals


Well, one true thing about Hollywood, it's historically been a place that does well in a struggling economy and we have a history that might just illustrate that. The Screen Actors Guild is desperately trying to distribute $25 million. They're so eager to get rid of this money that they've launched an advertising campaign. It's called "Get Your Money," and it's aimed at some 66,000 people entitled to unclaimed residuals from past performances and, Steve, you're looking at me a little shocked. Listen, the Screen Actors Guild says it's having trouble finding a current address for these folks and the list, I mean, it's long. It ranges from bit part actors to the heirs of late legends like Frank Sinatra and Charlton Heston. But there's some big names who - I don't think they should be so hard to track down - Mick Jagger, Nancy Reagan.


My address is available. Call me here at Morning Edition. I'll get you an address.

MONTAGNE: Don't expect them to call you, but you know anyone out there or if you think you deserve a check, go to the Screen Actors Guild website and you can visit the unclaimed residuals tracker. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.