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New Research Explains Why Employees Retaliate Against Difficult Customers

New research co-authored by a Utah State University professor delves into the age-old question: Why do waiters spit in our food?

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Background trees and tropical bushes. Small pond with two Hyrachyus, similar to tapir and rhino.
University of Utah

Millions of years ago there were diverse and large populations of mega-herbivores, but today there are only a few mega-herbivore species. New research reveals a new theory about the extiction of these ancient mega-herbivore species. 

"A mega-herbivore is a term used by ecologists. It usually refers to big plant eaters that are more than 1,000 kilos in body mass, so we’re talking 2,200 pounds.  In Africa today that would include elephants, giraffes, black and white rhinos and hippos."



New research co-authored by a Utah State University professor delves into the age-old question: Why do waiters spit in our food?

By now winter has set in. The snow is blowing in Logan and if you haven’t got your soil samples done you’re probably too late. But if you did send that in by now you should have your report back from the soil testing lab.

IMP Awards

It’s not often I watch a movie that feels like it was made for me. Boy Erased is such a movie. Based on a memoir of the same name by Garrard Conley first published in 2016, Boy Erased tells the story of a teenage boy in a devout Baptist family who comes out as gay to his parents and is then enrolled in a conversion therapy program to cure him of his attraction to men.

Shannon Tushingham / Washington State University

This week on UnDisciplined, we talked to a researcher whose discoveries have changed the way we understand the history of tobacco in North America. Then we chatted with a scientist who is trying to change the way we think about cryptocurrencies. 

How Wildlife Biologists Are Trying to Save Christmas

Dec 14, 2018
Florian Graner

With Christmas Day fast approaching, Santa and his reindeer are making their final preparations to visit all well-behaved boys and girls. And while we’re sure Dasher, Dancer, Donner and Blitzen have been well fed before their long journey, the same can’t be said about their free-roaming cousins. 

Goodwill Industries Of Kansas

A federal Affirmative Action requirement designed to help individuals with disabilities find employment has parents of children with intellectual or physical disabilities concerned. The regulation, known as the Settings Rule, forces people with disabilities to find a suitable job in their community in order to receive federal funding.

Deer mouse with light brown and white markings sitting in the hay.

Hantavirus is a rare but deadly virus that can infect humans who inhale rodent droppings, but there is now a new understanding of how humans become infected with the virus. 

Jacob Miller

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Land Management took bids for oil and gas leases on 154,212 acres of public land. This move was criticized by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and the Sierra Club for its potential to cause localized biodiversity loss. But how much can the loss of one or two species matter? 

The Family Place

A traumatic event is characterized as an incident that causes harm to an individual, resulting in an individual feeling anxious, frightened and unsafe. For a child, the traumatic experience can have a lasting impact. As the child’s brain continues to develop they require additional love and support to deal with a traumatic episode. But what if that child doesn’t have that support? 


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New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has announced that the Trump Foundation will dissolve. The foundation was established by Donald Trump well before he ran for president.

The Trump administration is banning bump stocks, the firearm attachment that allows a semi-automatic weapon to shoot almost as fast as a machine gun.

The devices, also known as slide fires, came under intense scrutiny after they were used by the gunman who opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas last year, killing 58 people.

The massacre touched off a public outcry, including from some lawmakers, for the accessories to be banned.

Massive waves are breaking along the coast of California, and the National Weather Service is warning of "potentially life-threatening conditions" and urging people to stay away from the water.

Forecasters began warning of high waves over the weekend, saying a swell would strike Sunday afternoon through Tuesday, with the peak on Monday morning. The NWS warned of waves that could reach "50+ feet at favored breaks."

Trump Foundation Folds

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"See this street! Look!" says Bai Xiao Cheng as gestures toward his village's main concrete road.

It's barely half a mile long, and apart from one small grocery store, a few home entrances and a handful of parked cars, it has no notable features. That for Bai, is precisely the point. "It's very clean, very good!" he smiles.

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