Darren Parry Announces Run For Congress

“We never had native representation in Washington DC. And we were here first.” Darren Parry announced on Thursday he will be running as a Democrat for Utah's first congressional district seat this fall. Parry, the chairman of the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation, said for him running is about trying to bring a different tone to national politics.

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Wyoming took a big first step toward blazing a new trail on managing big game migration corridors when Gov. Mark Gordon signed an executive order last week.

Greater Awareness Could Help Children Come Forward about Abuse

Feb 20, 2020

Findings that child sexual abuse reports in Idaho went up in 2019 have made headlines, but advocates for child welfare say more reports could be a good sign. The Idaho Attorney General's annual report said there were 696 reported cases of child sexual abuse in 2019, up 103 from 2018. 

2020 United States Census logo
United States Government

People Power Cache Valley, a local group working to ensure the valley’s census count will be accurate, hosted a census workshop in Logan last week.

USU's Annual Rock And Fossil Day Is Coming Up This Weekend

Feb 20, 2020
Utah State University

USU’s annual rock and fossil day is coming up this weekend at the university’s Logan campus. This year there will be a new children’s activity as part of the program. 

Lawmakers Address Discipline, Education Needs

Feb 20, 2020
Nearly half of Utah's teachers are quitting within five years of starting their careers. Rep. Dan Johnson said, "We need to keep our great teachers," and said addressing school disciplinary tactics will be critical in the discussion.
Beth Hollliker / Air National Guard

According to Utah State Senator Lyle Hillyard, there is currently a 40% turnover rate for public safety workers and a nurse shortage of about 25,000 positions. 

Bill Would Create New State Park In Utah

Feb 19, 2020
Ken Lund,

A bill recently introduced to the Utah statehouse revealed more details on a new state park proposal in the Moab area. The legislation would appropriate $10 million for the creation of Utahraptor State Park, roughly 15 miles north of Arches National Park.  

What Are Utahns Thinking Leading Up To Super Tuesday?

Feb 18, 2020
Gage Skidmore

Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg visited Salt Lake City on Monday night to host a town hall. UPR’s Matilyn Mortensen visited with attendees outside of the event to ask them about their thoughts on the presidential race as Super Tuesday approaches.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah Capitol, in winter
Brian / Wikimedia Commons

The time for appropriations is coming to a close in the 2020 Legislative Session, and according to district 3’s House Representative Val Potter, the general fund is “challenged.”

The Plight Of The Bumble Bees

Feb 18, 2020
Joyce Knoblett


Bees have been in the news a lot in recent years, probably starting in 2006, when colony collapse disorder was first observed and became part of the American lexicon.  However, much of this attention was focused on domesticated honey bees, a European species that is kept for crop pollination and honey production.  The status of native bees was unknown and understudied, though this may be changing. 

Utah State University, the Justice Department, say the university mishandled sexual harassment cases for years, exposing more students to harassment and assaults.
ngblaylock /

After news of sexual assaults committed by former-student athlete Torrey Green broke in 2016, Utah State University started an internal review on what was going on with sexual assault reports on campus — this was before the Department of Justice informed the university it was investigating. The DOJ report said from 2013 to 2017, USU received 240 reports of sexual harassment, but it processed fewer than 25 in accordance with its Title IX procedures. 


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