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With the stress from the pandemic raising concerns about child abuse and neglect, Idaho organizations are coming together to offer parents support.

According to Gov. Spencer Cox, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be available in Utah next week. The vaccine was recommended for immediate use by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Friday and FDA approval is expected to come this weekend. A press release from Cox’s office stated they expect the state to start receiving these vaccines on Wednesday. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Friday that it donated $20 million dollars to UNICEF, a program aimed at distributing COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries around the world.

Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, 2014) plays another villainous role as Marla Grayson, a professional guardian who takes care of old people who can no longer live independently. But Marla's care is a finely-tuned scam forcing the innocent seniors into a retirement home against their will, liquidating all their assets, and draining their life savings. But her crooked scheme takes a left turn when the latest victim she swindles turns out to be connected to a mobster. 

As a counselor and a researcher, Stacey Litam had focused her career on helping victims of sex trafficking to work through their trauma. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and while Litam’s previous work didn’t become less important, she began seeing a growing need for trauma counseling — just about everywhere.

Utah State University was recently recognized as a national leader in research programs for undergraduates.

Ask An Expert: The Dirt On Laundry: How Often To Wash?

Feb 25, 2021

How often do you wash your pajamas and pillowcases? Or how about your coats and comforters? In general, most people don’t wash their clothing, bedding and other items often enough. It’s important to note that phosphates in our detergents have decreased over the years, so your clothes may not be getting as clean as you think, and washing regularly is even more important.

Today we’ll talk with Sharon Shattuck, director and producer of the documentary film Picture a Scientist, which offers a sobering portrait of struggles women face in pursuing studies and careers in science. UPR is among several organizations sponsoring a virtual film screening of Picture a Scientist (March 5-7) and a panel discussion (March 8). We’ll also be talking with Sara Freeman, USU Assistant Professor of Biology, who is coordinating the USU events; and Sojung Lim, USU Assistant Professor of Sociology, who is participating in the panel discussion. We’ll also hear sound clips from the film.

Taylor Swift Countersuing Utah Theme Park

Feb 25, 2021

According to a report from Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift’s rights management company, TAS, has filed a countersuit against the Evermore Utah theme park. 

County Moves Forward With Plans To Build Countywide Animal Impound Facility

Feb 25, 2021

After multiple discussions and an ever-growing need, Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen has obtained bids for the construction of a countywide animal impound facility.


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A massive prison break in Haiti has resulted in the escape of hundreds of inmates and the deaths of at least 25 people, including the prison's director and a notorious Haitian gang leader named Arnel Joseph.

The committee voted 22 to nothing in favor of the new vaccine.

If you're fortunate enough to have a job in this pandemic, what's fun after a day of Zoom conferences where people bark, "Am I on mute?"

If you live in the liveliest city on earth, what about an effervescent evening of Zoom conferences, where you can hear candidates for mayor of New York bark, "Am I on mute?"

An unusually aggressive coyote roaming an eastern suburb of the San Francisco Bay has hikers and residents on edge after biting five people and sparking an urgent effort by police and wildlife officials to capture the elusive predator.

DNA taken from the victims' bite wounds and clothing has linked all five attacks since last summer to a single coyote in a roughly two-mile radius in and around the East Bay cities of Moraga and Lafayette. The predator has bitten adults and kids, including children ages 2 and 3.

Nana Gyamfi, Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, tells NPR's Scott Simon about challenges Black immigrants to the U.S. face.

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