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Two Ingredient Wonders

Mar 22, 2019

Three little words: beautiful to my ear and rich in emotion. Three little words I just don’t hear often enough: two ingredient recipes.

Captive State takes us to a Chicago far into the future when Earth is under the occupation of a mysterious, and dominant, alien race. But instead of a future that is sexy, fast, or technologically advanced with lots of smooth glass and polished steel, this Chicago is dreary, dirty, dilapidated, and under constant surveillance. 

Baldomero Olivera

This week on UnDisciplined, we're talking about pain, but — as usual — we're approaching it from two very different points of view. One of our guests is a researcher whose discoveries about toxic snails could help lead to painkillers. The other is a health communications expert who studies the way people communicate about pain on social media. 

A Trip Down Glen Canyon: A River Guide Remembers

Mar 22, 2019
Molly Marcello

For 55 years, the waters of Lake Powell in Southeastern Utah have submerged Glen Canyon. Drowned with it are ancient features and sacred sites now known only to memory. For 55 years, legendary river runner Ken Sleight has thought about these places as he once knew them, when the river ran wild.

Salt Lake Tribune

More candidates join an already-crowded field after Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announces she won’t be running for a second term. Governor Gary Herbert quietly lets a bill allowing the storage of depleted uranium in Utah to become law. And the passage of a controversial gravel-mine protection bill draws the ire of environmentalists

Brian and Amanda Grow


With technology, intensive care units have gotten better and better at saving lives, but medical professionals are realizing that they may have lost something along the way - the humane care of patients and their families. In our ongoing healthcare series Diagnosed, Andrea Smardon reports on efforts underway here in Utah to humanize critical care.  

Twitter: @usubrazil

On the first day of UPR’s Spring Pledge Drive Tom Williams and co-host USU Communications Studies Assistant Professor Jason Gilmore will present parts of several recent Access Utah interviews: We’ll hear some of our listeners expressing opposing viewpoints. StoryCorps founder David Isay will urge us to try to overcome our differences by truly listening to each other.

From Honduras To Utah: Coffee's Journey To Your Cup Pt 2

Mar 21, 2019
Lenon Diaz tests farmers' coffee to determine quality
Emily Karol / iDE

This story is part two of a feature series about agriculture in Honduras. If you didn’t hear part one, we heard UPR’s agriculture reporter Bronson Teichert talk about how much money Honduran farmers make growing coffee and how they are becoming more efficient business owners. 

For part two of this story, Bronson tells us about the strict process that coffee beans go through after harvesting to even make it out of the country and how it impacts individuals in the coffee industry.

From Honduras To Utah: Coffee's Journey To Your Cup Pt 1

Mar 20, 2019
Coffee beans are harvested by hand
Emily Karol / iDE

In the United States, most people enjoy the luxury of going to the grocery store or a restaurant and not breaking the bank. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average American makes around $850 a week. That means we get to spend that money on things like coffee grown in Honduras. 

Advocates Criticize EPA Plan To Roll Back Pollution Regs

Mar 19, 2019

Members of Moms Clean Air Force testified Monday before the Environmental Protection Agency over plans to roll back protections on toxic air pollutants. More than 30 moms from 15 states condemned a Trump administration proposal to weaken the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard, called MATS, which sets limits on pollution from coal-fired power plants. 


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