Utah Conservation Corps

Utah Conservation Corps Returns From Iowa, Gears Up For More Disaster Relief

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters are on the rise, according to the US Geological Survey , and disaster response teams are preparing to provide increased aid throughout the US.

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Late Night movie

You know that feeling you get when you take your first bite of a delicious slice of pizza or your first gulp of an invigorating cocktail and you think, "I'm going to remember this"? That's how I felt after watching this film. 

Aspen tree grove with wildfire of orange flames and dark smoke.
US Forest Service

In August 2013, the Millville Fire consumed over 3,000 acres of state, private and federal land in Cache County, Utah. It was the last big fire in the area, and foresters and legislators hope it stays that way.

Nothing Satisfies Like A Good Spring Clean

13 minutes ago
Karolina Grabowska / Pixabay

Every year or so at my house, it rains plastic containers. I reach up to the top shelf to stack those last few plastic containers and lids, but there is just no more room, and they come pattering down to the tile floor. That’s always the signal, as reliable as spring crocuses, that it’s time for the annual kitchen cleanse.

Summer Solstice - The Longest Day Of The Year

24 minutes ago
Wikimedia Commons

Summer officially begins astronomically in Utah on Friday, June 21st, at 9:54 MDT.  The northern hemisphere on the solstice is the longest day of the year.  Dawn comes early and sunsets come late, with short nights and less time to enjoy the night sky.  

'Silence' on Wild About Utah

35 minutes ago
Mario Schulz / Pixabay

Silence is a rare commodity in the world we have created. Our senses are bombarded with all descriptions of sound to the point of sensory exhaustion. Likened to PTSD when violating a safe threshold, it may be time to find an escape.

It’s Summer In Utah - Get Outside And Grill Creative

42 minutes ago
moerschy / Pixabay

Spring in Utah -- the grill covers are torn off with the first sunny day, then go on again for those late storms that seem to surprise us every year. By summer, we finally feel confident enough to shed the covers for good and get down to some serious outdoor eating.

Humans, Snakes, And Snake Bites

52 minutes ago
M. Maggs / Pixabay

Most human fears regarding snakes seem to stem from the fear of being bitten by a venomous snake.  Because most snakes in Utah are non-venomous, most human snake encounters are generally not dangerous, however if you encounter a venomous snake and are bitten, the consequences could be serious. 

'Electric Pressure Cookers Are Not For Canning'

57 minutes ago
Homemaker / Pixabay

Electric pressure cookers such as the Instant Pot have become popular home kitchen appliances.  They do almost everything, except canning.  

Hope And Healing: 'Hurrah For The Pediatrician'

Jun 19, 2019
Intermountain Healthcare

The original songs of Marty Nygaard, MD, a Utah pediatrician, have been making patients, doctors, and caregivers smile for more than two decades. Here, he and his wife, Louise, share memories and laughter.

Joseph Alleman

Local art studio Jump the Moon is hosting a series of monthly professional demonstration nights to help raise money for their unique nonprofit organization that aims to make art more accessible to those with mental and physical challenges. These monthly events will allow participants to learn new art skills from professional artists.


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Those multiple accusations — which Moore has stridently denied — led to the Christian nationalist candidate losing the Dec. 2017 special election to Democrat Doug Jones by 1.5 percentage points, just over a year after Trump carried Alabama by 28 points.

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