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American Airlines Plans To Cut 12,000 To 14,000 Jobs

American Airlines jets at Los Angeles International Airport.
Kevork Djansezian
Getty Images
American Airlines jets at Los Angeles International Airport.

After it filed for bankruptcy protection last November, you knew something like this was probably coming from American Airlines:

The company said today it is looking to cut 12,000 to 14,000 jobs — as much as 16 percent of its current 88,000-strong workforce.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the cuts would shake out like this:

"Fleet Service & Other [Transport Workers Union] employees — Approximately 4,200.

"Flight Attendants — Approximately 2,300.

"Management/Support Staff — Approximately 1,400.

"Mechanics and Related - Approximately 4,600.

"Pilots - Approximately 400."

In a letter to employees, AMR Corp. CEO Tom Horton says the company is looking for "employee-related" cost savings of more than $1.25 billion a year. And he says this:

"While we are now firmly on a path to a successful growing future, we must acknowledge the near-term pain these changes will require. That's especially true because we will end this journey with many fewer people. But we will also preserve tens of thousands of jobs that would have been lost if we had not embarked on this path — and that's a goal worth fighting for. As I've said before, our objective is to create the best outcome for the greatest possible number of people."

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